Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

Just this past week, I sat down at my desk and created a Twitter account for CSC CHIGAMIK CHC.  Now, I definitely consider myself pretty technically-savvy and up-to-date on the whole social media scene.  However, using Twitter to compliment CHIGAMIK's existing communication plan, branding efforts and website was a new idea for me to embrace.  And to tell you the truth, it is FUN, EXCITING and a great example to prove my abilities in creating public awareness, inspiring public interest and maintaining public support for such an important nonprofit organization!

Have you ever looked at a "Tweet" before?  Well, I certainly have but always found the lingo to be rather difficult to read and confusing to understand.  Here are a few simple things to remember when looking at a tweet:

1.  Tweet - is the message you share on Twitter (aka "post")

2.  Retweet - is when you share someone else's post (or tweet) with your network.  You can tell if someone's post is a retweet when you see RT@Username.  I retweeted the Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce's post (and edited it to add my own beginning sentence/response "Thanks 4 intro!"
  • Thanks 4 intro! RT @sgbchamber: OUR NEW MEMBERS - Introducing Gregor Homes, CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre & Dockwerks.    
3.  @Username - is a link to an individuals Twitter account.  When you click on it, you will be directed to their Twitter page.  It is also a way to communicate directly with an individual.  For example, I could tweet the following to the SGBCC:
  • @sgbchamber Last night's Business After 5 was fantastic!  We can't w8 2 b featured on your website! 
4.  Hashtag (#) - is basically a keyword.  Let's say you include "#Hashtag" in your post, your message about that topic will show up in a search for that keyword.  Here's CHIGAMIK's first tweet where I used "Midland", "Simcoe", "GeorgianBay" and "CHC" as hashtags:
There seems to be a real art to tweeting successfully.  What matters is your real-time conversation, right here, right now.  No one really cares too much about your tweets from twenty days ago; they are old news.  What's important is to keep current, keep your audience engaged and make sure your Twitter posts add a level of communication that is unique from your other communication tools.

**Make sure to check out CSC CHIGAMIK CHC's new Twitter page at

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