Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

Just this past week, I sat down at my desk and created a Twitter account for CSC CHIGAMIK CHC.  Now, I definitely consider myself pretty technically-savvy and up-to-date on the whole social media scene.  However, using Twitter to compliment CHIGAMIK's existing communication plan, branding efforts and website was a new idea for me to embrace.  And to tell you the truth, it is FUN, EXCITING and a great example to prove my abilities in creating public awareness, inspiring public interest and maintaining public support for such an important nonprofit organization!

Have you ever looked at a "Tweet" before?  Well, I certainly have but always found the lingo to be rather difficult to read and confusing to understand.  Here are a few simple things to remember when looking at a tweet:

1.  Tweet - is the message you share on Twitter (aka "post")

2.  Retweet - is when you share someone else's post (or tweet) with your network.  You can tell if someone's post is a retweet when you see RT@Username.  I retweeted the Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce's post (and edited it to add my own beginning sentence/response "Thanks 4 intro!"
  • Thanks 4 intro! RT @sgbchamber: OUR NEW MEMBERS - Introducing Gregor Homes, CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre & Dockwerks.    
3.  @Username - is a link to an individuals Twitter account.  When you click on it, you will be directed to their Twitter page.  It is also a way to communicate directly with an individual.  For example, I could tweet the following to the SGBCC:
  • @sgbchamber Last night's Business After 5 was fantastic!  We can't w8 2 b featured on your website! 
4.  Hashtag (#) - is basically a keyword.  Let's say you include "#Hashtag" in your post, your message about that topic will show up in a search for that keyword.  Here's CHIGAMIK's first tweet where I used "Midland", "Simcoe", "GeorgianBay" and "CHC" as hashtags:
There seems to be a real art to tweeting successfully.  What matters is your real-time conversation, right here, right now.  No one really cares too much about your tweets from twenty days ago; they are old news.  What's important is to keep current, keep your audience engaged and make sure your Twitter posts add a level of communication that is unique from your other communication tools.

**Make sure to check out CSC CHIGAMIK CHC's new Twitter page at

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Bilingual Website Launched for CSC CHIGAMIK CHC!

“Every One Matters./Chaque personne compte.”  That’s the message at, the bilingual website for the centre de santé communautaire CHIGAMIK Community Health Centre (CSC CHIGAMIK CHC).  Visitors can choose to view the site in English and French and will definitely experience a warm, welcoming feeling at The Peoples’ Place.  The purpose of the website is to connect clients, community members, Board members and staff at the new Community Health Centre.  Health alerts, programs and services, news releases and job postings will be shared with the public through the site.  More importantly, the website communicates the CHIGAMIK experience where every one really does matter.

From left to right: Amanda Olsheskie (Communications), Brian George (Aboriginal Health Promoter/Traditional Healing Coordinator), Nicole Ayotte (Nurse Practitioner), David Jeffery (Executive Director), Jeff Graham (Community Health Worker), Mélissa Constantin (Administrative Assistant) and Dawn Nancekievill (Nurse Practitioner).