Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to Vibrant Visions!

Today is an amazing day! Why? Well, I've decided to start a new journey in life and kick-off the launch of my Vibrant Visions blog. There are many, many people in North Simcoe who I must thank for inspiring me to reach for the stars, to challenge myself and to create positive change for the nonprofit sector.

It's amazing how compelled we can be to help our community, especially when we understand how critical the nonprofit sector really is. It is the third pillar of our society, acting as a safety net to prevent our families, our friends and our neighbors from falling through the cracks. With the downturn in our economy, there is an ever-increasing need to provide key services and take action towards the issues that affect our fellow citizens. Yet, with the supply of volunteers decreasing, insufficient government support and underutilized partnerships, the begging bowl continues to be heard. And it is getting louder. As a charitable worker I appreciate the importance of the nonprofit sector and understand the challenges that it faces.

The purpose of this blog is to connect the nonprofit community in an online environment where success stories are shared, best practices are analyzed, local news is commented on, change-makers are featured and everyone is empowered to join the movement for a more vibrant future!

Thank you for visiting my Vibrant Visions blog! Please make sure to add your name and the company you work for in the comments box below, letting me know that you stopped by! And go ahead. Cllick on the little box "Follow" (to the right) so you can join this movement.

I look forward to sharing the information that matters to you!



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