Monday, September 13, 2010

Opportunity Knocks!

Ideas.  They can take up a lot of space in the mind and some of us just can't turn them off, mute them or ignore them.  And recently I have been made aware of two big community fund competitions that involve ideas being dreamed-up for the betterment of our community.  It sure sounds exciting to me!  What would be more gratifying than doing some research, creating an exceptional idea and getting enough votes to bring your dream to a reality?  Better yet, all of this effort will have a direct impact on your friends and neighbours and you will lead an exciting movement for positive change! 

The two opportunities I'm talking about include:

1. Pepsi Refresh Project
Through their Refresh Project, Pepsi is rewarding individuals and nonprofit organizations for their big, positive ideas that focus on creating a stronger community.  Grants are grouped into categories with specific criteria for specific amounts.  From $5k to $100k, your ideas can literally come to life!  Voting and idea submissions take place in cycles.  You can vote now or submit you big idea from October 1 to October 7. 

  • $100,000 Idea - Build a no-kill shelter to provide a safe haven for animals
  • $25,000 Idea - Create a unique paint-a-thon event to unity the community
  • $10,000 Idea - Keep 300 kids a night off the streets and into the pool instead
  • $5,000 Idea - Build Homes. Build Hope.  Habitat for Humanity Mid-Vancouver Island.  Funds will be used for food and refreshments for volunteers
Check out the inspiring and exciting YouTube video to get a feeling for what the purpose of this fund is all about. 

2. Aviva Community Fund
$1,000,000 is available for individuals and nonprofits across Canada, through the Aviva Community Fund, to create real ideas for positive change!  Canadians vote on the idea and decide which ideas get funded.  If done properly, you can get a lot of support and votes from your neighbours and friends.  The competition for the money starts on September 27 and there are a number of key dates to follow.  They've actually structured the competition to include three levels:
  1. Idea Entry and Initial Voting
  2. Semi-finals and Voting
  3. Judging
  4. Winners Announced January 25, 2011
Learn more about the community fund by watching their YouTube video.

DO YOU HAVE A GOOD IDEA?  In my opinion, every idea is a good idea and they are all worth listening to.  I would love to hear what you have to say!  Make sure to leave some thoughts in the comments box below!




  1. Hi Amanda, your alerting us to these opportunities is fantastic. Do you work with organizations to help them strategize and apply for one of these?

  2. Amanda Our Website too.. Let me know if you have another site also

  3. Hi Cher and Dave! Thank you both for commenting on this post. I am excited to say that I work on a grassroots level, with nonprofits and other relevant organizations, to help the community in a positive way. I bring big visions, strategic planning and a 100% success rate for writing proposals.